I’ve decided to revamp and re-release my personal blog. Since I last posted, I found out during pregnancy that my son was suffering from a congenital heart defect, he’s gone through open heart surgery to repair it and is now a thriving four month old. I don’t want to just leave his story behind us. It happened. It happens to families every single day. It’s important. An awareness needs to be made for CHD’s… this kids are heart warriors. I’ve seen first hand how amazingly strong they are even though they’ve been dealt a hard beginning. So please… read, comment, follow if it interests you. I will be posting there more and often. ❤

Super Blogging Mama


The last time I posted anything on my blog, I was 16 weeks pregnant with my son. I didn’t know that he was going to be a son, however. I wrote about how I was testing old wives tales in an effort to predict the baby’s sex before my next sonogram. I was definitely excited and fully planning on gushing over my news on the blog as soon as it was revealed to me.

The news that we were given was extremely bittersweet.

At first we were told that he was a boy. A bouncing, completely healthy baby boy. We immediately went home to finish our little man’s registry and to plan out his nursery theme. We spent a few days in a cloud of bliss only to go to our next appointment and be met with some alarming information about our unborn son’s health. We were asked if we had been informed…

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