I am…

A mother; A daughter; A sister; A friend;

A girl who says she regrets nothing, but I’m still working on that;

In love with life; Shy;

Accepting of other peoples’ faults… because I understand what it’s like to have them;


Truthful: Even when you don’t want to hear it;

Steadfast in my beliefs: they cannot be compromised;

Afraid of the future; Forever running from my past;

Trying to live in the present instead of just thinking it would be nice;

Hopeful; Opinionated;

Pessimistic and optimistic…sometimes all at once;

Almost always stubborn; A lover and a fighter; Family and friend-oriented;

Afraid of mistakes; Afraid of failure; Afraid of loving wholeheartedly;

Afraid of admitting defeat… in fact, I rarely do so;

Afraid of losing the people I love most in the world;

Forever missing those that I have lost;

Less forgiving these days;

In love with music;

Trying to be a person my daughter will want to look up to;

Wishing time would drag on as slowly as it did before I became a parent;

Always trying to fix people and situations I probably shouldn’t;

Always looking for the good in people…even when I probably shouldn’t;

This is the start of a list which could go on for pages, I’m sure…

But at the end of the day…